Semiconductor Shortage Enters ‘Danger Zone’ as Lead Times Rise

The semiconductor shortage affecting much of the world’s chip production is still worsening, in at least some markets. The average lead time for chip deliveries increased to 17 weeks in April, up from 16 weeks in March. Just before the beginning of the pandemic began, average lead time was running around 12 weeks. Read more.

The global chip shortage is starting to have major real-world consequences

The severity of the global chip shortage has gone up a notch over the last few weeks and it’s now looking as though millions of people will be impacted. As technology has advanced, semiconductor chips have spread from computers and cars to toothbrushes and tumble dryers — they now lurk beneath the hood of a surprising number of products. But demand for chips is continuing to outstrip supply, and car makers are no longer the only companies feeling the pinch. Read more.

Ford to halt production of F-150, Bronco Sport and other vehicles due to chip shortage

DETROIT – Ford Motor will halt or cut production at eight North American plants for varying periods of time through June due to an ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips impacting the auto industry. Affected vehicles range from the Ford Mustang and Escape crossover to the highly profitable F-150 pickup and Bronco Sport SUV, the company confirmed following an internal memo of the plans that was obtained by CNBC. Read more.