A Global Leader in Supply Chain Solutions

Commodity Components is strategically located around the world as a value added supplier of electronic components that drive the global semiconductor marketplace.

At Commodity Components Automotive, we strive to provide our customers with quality-based solutions designed to extend product lifecycles.


Commodity Components supports many facets of the medical device community around the world. This includes engineering support, product authentication, and access to obsolete technology.


Collaborating with the telecommunications manufacturing industry to ensure seamless wireless communications across the globe.


Serving military customers and contractors around the world with innovative solutions, quality programs, and valuable information management. Proud member of ERAI and GIDEP.


Commodity Components is a cross-functional team, located around world, with expertise in developing unique supply chain solutions. Our long history and strong relationships have driven us to become a valued partner to many of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. We offer risk assessment, mitigation alternatives, inventory solutions, and creative business strategies. Our mission is to align our processes and infrastructure with yours to help you achieve a more efficient supply chain.


Our process-based quality programs, IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art databases, ESD certified warehouses, and solid relationships with the world’s largest OEMs and CMs will meet your most demanding product requirements on a consistent basis.

Commodity Components Works To:

  • Ensure quality and overall counterfeit avoidance
  • Shorten the procurement cycle
  • Reduce overall product costs
  • Improve delivery
  • Develop customer-specific auto-replenishment
  • Build VMI and inventory consignment programs


Our offices and representatives are strategically located around the world for access to hard to find and obsolete products and information that drive the global semiconductor marketplace.

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